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Staying Close To Him! Empty Staying Close To Him!

Post by Ryleigh Dewan-Orton on Sat Jul 06, 2013 12:46 am

It's been about three months since the whole boss trying to rape Ryleigh. She was more than terrified at the time she was so happy that Randy had came home early and went to the store to visit her. If it wasnt for him she probably wouldnt be the same woman he married. She was more afraid of what he would think of her if it would have happened. She thought that he would leave her if it would have happened, but lucky it did. The store manager tried to press charges against Randy for assult but they didnt go through since there were a bunch of witness seeing him following Ryleigh around that day.

Now being three months pass the whole thing Ryleigh hadnt been the same. She was more afraid of going anywhere when Randy left to go back to work. She would hide out in the house for the whole time if his parents didnt go over and check on her, but now Randy decided that it would be best if she went on the road with him so he could protect and she wouldnt be alone as much. She went with him but she still wasnt herself she was afraid to leave his side.

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